Once Upon A Time: Elvis and Anita

Once Upon A Time: Elvis and Anita, Memories of My Mother is the new book about Anita Wood Brewer and her life with the one and only Elvis Presley.  From 1957 to 1962, during his rise to super-stardom, his service in the army, the making of ten movies and recording numerous gold and platinum records, she was his “No. 1 Girl”.


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  1. can hardly wait to read the book. I love Elvis and I am a huge fan, but I also love Anita and it is truly a blessing to have her as a friend

    • She’s glad to have you as a friend as well! I can’t wait for it to come out either! Working hard to make it happen soon!

  2. i can not wait to read the book about anita and elvis . when i was little and living in tennessee aunt tootsie would set around the table with my grandmother playing rook and telling me stories of them together. please keep us updated on the book

    • That’s a cool story, sounds like you spent alot of time doing what I did as a child in Tennessee visiting my grandmother. I’ll keep y’all updated on the book.

  3. Jonnita,
    I am a cousin of Elvis, I visited Vernon and Elvis many times at Graceland and that is where I met your mother, Anita. I was very fortunate to be able to have numerous pictures of my visits with family and friends at Graceland. Many of my pictures are on different websites now, and one in particular of Elvis’ Aunt Nash, Anita (your mom) and myself standing by my 1960 red Chevrolet Impala, this picture was made sometime in 1962. Your mom may remember me, I always liked her, and have often wondered where life took her. She was very nice to me and very friendly, each time I visited. The picture I referred to above is one of my pictures that will be featured in the new book coming out this month titled “Elvis Presley’s Graceland, 1957-1977”. There is a you-tube promoting this book and as the pages turn, you are able to see this particular picture! It is nice being able to reconnect with your mother after all these years, please give her my kindest regards!
    Mackey Hargett

  4. Ladies!!! I cannot tell you how long the Elvis world has been waiting for this book!!!! We actually looked in the book stores for years. I am on chapter 4 and I am loving everything about this book. Anita, you know we wish you had been Mrs Presley!! so much would be different today. But we are happy that you have had a happy life !! thanks again and we hope our paths will cross at some time in the future!!!

    • We are so glad that you like the book!! A lot of love went into it! I hope we cross paths one day too! Thank you for the nice comments. 🙂

  5. Can’t wait to get the book. I met Elvis and Priscilla when Elvis received one of THE TEN OUTSTANDING YOUNG MEN OF THE YEAR award from the Jaycees in the early 70s. He was the nicest person. I also did Linda Thompson’s hair while they were together. I was living in Memphis when he died. His entourage and Dr. Nick came to the salon where I worked. What a sad time. I’m from Jackson and grew up with Karen. He was truly a great man. What a loss!

  6. Once I started reading the book, I couldn’t put it down. It was exciting to learn some of the tidbits that have not been told publicly before. I think any Elvis fan will enjoy a really good book!

  7. My friend Anita and her beautiful daughter, so happy with my book!!!! Have waited so long for this. Jonnita , you have written an excellent read. My sister and I have already read ours just since the book signing Friday in Jackson at Crossroads Music. You are both beautiful inside and out. Anita, I am so happy you have shared all your memories with yours and Elvis fans, maybe now everyone will really realize just how much you both loved each other. Girl you were the one, but we never know what God has in store for us. Look at the beautiful family that was produced by Mr and Mrs Johnny Brewer. Congrats to you and Jonnita Love your friend Sherry

  8. I purchased the book this past Saturday at Music Highway Crossroads,and read it in just 2 days.I couldn’t put it down.This is a must for fans of Elvis and Anita.And I’m so great ful I got a chance to meet Anita and her lovely daughter Jonnita.I work at the Old Country Store in Casey Jones Village and also got the chance to be their server,They were so nice and gracious.

  9. Anita, What a joy to reconnect with you after all these years at Casey Jones book signing, and meet your wonderful daughter Jonnita, and see your mom and brother again. After all our school years together, and seeing you off & on in Memphis during your Elvis years, seeing you as an “old gal” like me was icing on the cake. I got some good pixs of us, also during the signing. I have read & re-read your book & laughed & cried. Jonnita depicted “the real Anita” I always knew…and I am so thrilled that you found lasting love with Johnny. Also, thanks for sharing how “that first real love” which so many of us have known, shapes our lives forever. God Bless you and yours real good. Love ‘ya Girl!

  10. Anita,
    Am so glad you and your daughter have written a book about your time with Elvis. I will be ordering mine shortly, as I am extremely anxious to read it. Don’t know if you remember me, but I spent alot of time at Graceland with Grandma Presley. My cousin is Pat Boyd West (married Red). God has Blessed me with wonderful memories of times there and meeting you was one of those. You were so beautiful then and as I see now, you still are. Am so happy you had such a fulfillled life. May God continue to Bless you and your family.

  11. Dear Anita and Jonnita,
    I just purchase the book and started to read it.
    I’m a huge Elvis Fan since I’m 9 years. I was born in 1977. Unfortunately I never met Elvis and I respect everyone who lived with him and their intimacy . I’mfound about all kinds of relationships people had with the man and the artist. I also have tons of memorabilia concerning Elvis.
    I only regret one thing about the editing of the book, why didn’t we get more quality photos, only in black & white.
    And I also have one question for Anita, why did you give so many of Elvis presents away ?

    Thanks so much for sharing you story,
    Womanly speaking you are more than a role model to all Elvis Fannies I understand quite well why Elvis fell in love with you just were one of the Happy Few
    God Bless

  12. Dear Mrs. Anita
    Thanks for signing my book. My mom mailed it to me. I remember so many things about you as I was growing up. You taught me how to write backwards. I would sit with you at Woodlawn Baptist church were my mom taught 4 year old kindergarten and you were their keeping the kids after school. I never had nap time as I spent it with you. You have a voice of an angel. Now that I’m living here in New York it has been very nice to read through the book and (ask my Mom), I’m always calling her because there was so much I didn’t know until now. You are truely blessed. I’m truely blessed just knowing you. You will always hold a special place in my heart. Love Tammy McBroom

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