6 thoughts on “Guest Appearance in Memphis! So Much Fun!

  1. I so enjoyed meeting you both at the Fan Club Presidents event, at Graceland and at Marlowe’s on E.P. Blvd. Love the book and read it on the flight back here to San Jose, California. If you ever get out this way for a book signing let us know ? You both were just wonderful and we loved the stories and Thank You both for sharing this untold story with us fans. TLC

  2. It was so great meeting you Anita and Jonnita in Memphis for the birthday celebration. You are both beautiful people. I will share photos with you but don’t see a place too put them. But just to let you know I am so pleased I bought the book. I just am starting to read it tonight. But I just know I will be happy with it after I finish. Love you both. Laurie Harvat

  3. Anita thanks to you and your stunning daughter for this memoir! it’s about time that the truth is out now in regards to Elvis other great love. I have seen such wonderful photos of you two and you were more beautiful than Prescilla..he for sure made the wrong choice . I do not in my heart believe you would have left him s she did and broke his heart.

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