Book Signing at Music Highway Crossroads, Jackson, TN



6 thoughts on “Book Signing at Music Highway Crossroads, Jackson, TN

  1. Anita, what a joy to see you again after all these years, and your beautiful daughter Jonnita who brought your story to light in such a marvelous way! The book is “you”, the Anita I grew up with in school and kept in touch with for several years afterwards. I’ve read and re-read your book and laughed and cried. Thanks for the memories! I’m so glad you found lasting love with Johnny Brewer, and that you had that “special first love” which shapes us all when it happens. Love ‘ya girl…..Jessalyn Irvin Bailey – Jackson, TN.

    • hey! thanks for writing and letting me know you liked the book. you know, i lived it and i still laughed and cried when i read it. you were so sweet and it was so good to see you all.

  2. Dear Anita and Jonnita:
    My name is Barb Goodwin and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I was wondering if your book will be available in Calgary? I would love to read it and buy it. I have always wished that you had married Elvis even though I know you were very happily married to Mr. John Brewer. I know your book will be a hit.

    Best wished to you both,
    Ms. Barb Goodwin

    • Thank you, Barb! Our book is not in book stores yet but it is available online here under “Purchase Autographed Book.” It’s also available at or but it’s not signed on those sites. There have been several people say that they wished Momma had married Elvis but then I wouldn’t be here! Ha ha! They had a beautiful romance during a magical time in music history and I just thought it had to be told. I hope you can get the book and enjoy the read. Best to you!

  3. Hi Anita! I am hoping I can still purchase your book. It should bring back some fond memories of Jackson and the good old days. Glad you have had a wonderful life.
    Rita Tiller

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